4 reasons why you should consider selling in Sweden via Amazon 

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If you’re already selling through Amazon Pan-EU, have you thought about adding Sweden to the list of EU countries you sell to? 

If not, you may be missing out on an increasingly important market, that reaches beyond Sweden itself and is worth around $11.6 billion (as of 2019).  

Read on to learn more about why expanding into Sweden via Amazon.se is a smart move for your business. 

Why sell on Amazon.se? 

The Amazon Sweden marketplace has opened up exciting opportunities for online sellers. Its Amazon.se platform launched in 2020, which has since become a destination for Swedish customers attracted to the huge range – 550 million products across over 30 categories.  

The most popular of those product categories are: 

  • Fashion 
  • Electronics & Media  
  • Food & Personal Care 

Amazon’s presence has grown steadily in Sweden since. In 2021, Amazon was the 15th biggest online retailer there with revenues of 1.5 billion SEK. By 2023 it had grown by 30%, edging it closer to the top 10 of online retailers. It’s now projected to become the top online retailer in the country within the next decade. 

The local conditions make it a prime market. Sweden has a population of just over 10 million, over 93% of which has internet access. The average online spending per capita is €1,932 (just below Germany and the Netherlands of €2,088 and €1,968€ respectively, and just above Belgium’s €1,572€ and Poland’s €1,296, all as of 2022.) 

For Amazon sellers, Amazon.se offers features like Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon Buy Box, Repricer, and Advertising.  

Amazon Pan-EU FBA now includes Sweden – what are the benefits? 

Selling through the Amazon Pan-EU FBA programme means you can reach more customers and offer them fast delivery, while saving up to 53% on fulfilment costs and realising your own business growth ambitions. The Pan-EU programme has recently grown to include three more store additions: Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands.  

With the Pan-EU FBA programme, you can now benefit from lower fulfilment fee costs and faster delivery. Amazon moves your inventory closer to customers, allowing you to serve an even wider market and sell more units. 

Let’s dive into the four main reasons why Sweden should be on your list of countries to expand into. 

Why expand into Sweden? 

1. No stock movement hassles: You can leverage your existing Pan-European inventory and transfer it at no additional cost, which also means there’s no need to move stock – Amazon handles that for you. 

2. Lower FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) fees: By using the FBA programme in Sweden, you’ll benefit from reduced fulfilment fees, compared to other EU countries. 

3. Access to the Nordic market: Selling in Sweden serves as an excellent gateway to customers shopping from neighbouring Finland, Norway, Denmark, Norway and Faroe Islands – which represents a substantial market of around SEK 112 billion ($11.6 billion) in total. 

4. Last but certainly not least, it’s easy to get started! If you’re already signed up to Amazon as an Amazon seller, you’ll have been enrolled in FBA for free.  

How to start selling on Amazon.se: a 3-step guide 

1. Register for a VAT number in Sweden

If you want to use the Amazon Pan-EU FBA programme, you’ll need to obtain a VAT number for the countries you are selling in. So if you want to sell your products on Amazon.se, you’ll need to register for a VAT number in Sweden.

AVASK can help you with this process.

2. Log in to Seller Central and enable inventory placement in Germany

The next step is to deliver goods to an Amazon distribution centre. You can benefit from local FBA fees by placing your inventory in Germany – but if you’re selling certain types of products to Sweden, check if you have chemical tax liability. 

What’s the Swedish chemical tax? 

This applies to chemicals in certain electronic products, and aims to reduce exposure to potentially harmful substances in the home. As a general rule, if you sell goods to Sweden that fall under this category, you may be liable to pay the excise duty on them.

Contact us to find out more

3. Start selling! 

Activate Pan-EU in your Amazon seller account, which will trigger Amazon’s distribution process.

Now it’s time to start selling! If you want to get tips for selling on Amazon, or learn more about how to stay VAT compliant, get in touch with AVASK and our team of experts will be happy to help.

Interested in selling in Sweden via Amazon.se?

As we’ve seen, Sweden, with its supportive infrastructure and a switched-on customer base, represents a huge growth market for ambitious sellers. Its relatively new Amazon.se platform, and its recent addition to the Amazon Pan-European FBA programme, lets you take advantage of that and expand your reach even further. 

Now’s a good time to expand into Sweden and the wider Nordic region. AVASK can help you with making online selling simple and keeping your business compliant across the EU and beyond.

Happy selling! 

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