Avalara are stopping their Amazon VAT services – here’s what to do next 

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Client on phone and laptop switching to AVASK tax compliance services

If you’re an Amazon seller, you’ll have seen the recent news that Avalara will no longer be a tax provider through VAT Services on Amazon. 

To maintain compliance when trading in Europe, you’ll need to transfer to a new tax provider. Transferring providers can be a time-consuming process and it can incur extra costs, so it’s wise to start the VAT transfer process as soon as possible ahead of filing deadlines. 

Read on to find out more about what this change means for you, and how we can help

Why is this happening, and when is the partnership ending? 

It’s not been confirmed yet why this partnership is ending, only that this is effective from Friday 1 November 2024 – which is less than six months away. If you’re already VAT registered through Avalara in various countries, this announcement will no doubt concern you. 

4 reasons why you should transfer your VAT services to AVASK 

Client on phone and laptop switching to AVASK tax compliance services

  1. Our team of UK and EU tax compliance experts know the ins and outs of VAT regulations, compliance, and customs across different countries.  
  1. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact throughout the process, and access to our Client Portal for all your questions.  
  1. You can keep your existing VAT numbers, and our easy-to-manage process will transfer them quickly and efficiently. 
  1. Our team collectively speaks over 20 languages, and we’ve got offices in the UK (our headquarters), the USA, Spain and France, Germany, Italy and Czechia, Poland, the Netherlands and China. 

Transfer to AVASK 

Start the process of transferring your VAT services to us. It’s quick and easy – schedule a call and we’ll talk you through the process.

Contact us to schedule a call and start your transfer 

FAQs about transferring tax providers 

When do I need to transfer by? 

As soon as possible; give yourself plenty of time to avoid delays. So if you want to switch by the end of the year, it’s wise to start the process by the end of July. This means we can send your transfer application to the tax authorities by October, so you’re on time to have that ready for November.  

Dates will vary depending on the jurisdiction(s) where you hold VAT numbers. 

Why do I need to start transferring now? 

Avalara stops providing services through the Amazon programme on Friday 1 November, which leaves you at risk of becoming non-compliant. 

That’s why you should transfer as soon as possible – this will allow us to submit your transfer application to the tax authorities by October 2024. 

Who’s responsible for my filing obligations during the transition? 

Your current tax provider will remain responsible until October 2024, for the September filing period. 

For monthly filings, this is the September filing. For quarterly filings, it will be the Q3 filing. 

When AVASK submits your transfer application to the tax authorities, and your transfer is confirmed, AVASK will become your new tax provider. 

How do I download my previous VAT certificates, filings and registration documents from my Amazon Central account? 

  • To download your VAT certificates, go to: 

Reports > Manage your VAT > Select the Country > Download VAT Registration Certificates. 

  • To download your previous VAT filings, go to: 

Reports > File your VAT page > Select “View past filings submitted” > Select the required month and year > Download all the reports 

  • To download your registration documents, go to: 

Reports > Manage Your VAT > Select the Country > View Submitted Documents > Download all documents available 

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