AVASK x Helium10 Elite Workshop, Madrid

Want to make it big (or even bigger)? Join us on Tuesday 28 May 2024 in Madrid for this exciting seller workshop, co-hosted by AVASK Plus and Helium 10 elite.

Join us for an exciting in-person event held in the heart of the thriving city of Madrid, packed full of amazing speakers and topics that we’re sure you’ll love. Together with some of the largest sellers in the e-commerce space, we deliver no-nonsense guidance for online sellers who are serious about making it big. Come and network with other sellers, and enjoy some refreshments after the workshop.

When: Tuesday May 2024, 17:00 CEST

Where: Calle Orense 34, Madrid

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Our co-hosts

Bojan Gajic, AVASK CEO

Before joining AVASK, Bojan co-founded and led several companies in the e-commerce tech space. Most recently, he served as a technical co-founder, CTO, and CEO of Helium 10. Bojan doesn’t often speak publicly, so don’t miss your chance to hear from him directly.

Bradley Sutton, Chief Evangelist and Director of Training at Helium 10

Host of the Serious Sellers Podcast – the most listened-to podcast in the world for Amazon sellers. Bradley has spoken at more than 200 Amazon events worldwide, and made more than 1,000 videos for Amazon sellers. He’s been in the e-commerce world for 20 years.


Leo Sgovio

Topic: “Amazon SEO with focus on semantics and the way the A9 algorithm works with COSMO”

An accomplished and active entrepreneur in the digital marketing and e-commerce sectors, Leo is renowned for his expertise in Amazon algorithms, Google SEO, and influencer marketing. He is unveiling Spliced, a cutting-edge software solution that enhances brand-influencer partnerships, pushing the boundaries of creator marketing.

Carrie Miller

Topic: “Advanced tactics for selling on Walmart”.

Carrie has been an e-commerce seller since 2016 and a Helium 10 user since 2017.

She started selling on Amazon.com, quickly expanded to Shopify and now Walmart.com, where she’s a Principal Brand Evangelist for the Walmart.com tools at Helium 10. Carrie is passionate about sharing strategies, tips and tricks that will help e-commerce sellers like you succeed.

Alina Vlaic

Alina is an Amazon seller, brand owner, agency founder and entrepreneur who started her Amazon journey on the EU marketplace. Launching the first 3PL brand after moving to North America changed her life.

Alina knows the challenges of being a seller, and the satisfaction of what it’s like when things go well. This led to establishing AZ Rank, a company dedicated to helping Amazon sellers at every stage of their business with customised ranking, launching services and more.

Jordi Cascant

Topic: “Up-scaling your business with a successful international expansion and external investment”

Jordi’s went from studying engineering to a turnover of 4 million+ euros a year at the age of 25 – a fascinating and inspirational journey. Listen to Jordi’s story of how he came to found EVIVO Consulting and become a successful Amazon FBA seller – and he’ll also discuss how to gain funding for your ecommerce business.

Vincenzo Toscano, CEO of Ecomcy

Topic: “Unlocking growth: harness the power of Amazon Brand Analytics and DSP/AMC”

Vincenzo is an expert in optimising and scaling brands on Amazon, and has helped more than 1,000 brands to sell more on Amazon globally. Ecomcy is a full-service Amazon and Walmart brand marketing agency, providing tactical and execution support and strategic consulting services for Amazon sellers and vendors.

Christi Manos – topic to be confirmed.

Join us on 28 May to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs

You’ll gain insider tips from industry experts and take your Amazon selling game to the next level. Don’t miss this opportunity to network, learn, and grow your business!

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