Sell directly into the EU member states with a single OSS or IOSS return

Take advantage of the €899 billion e-commerce market. The One-Stop Shop (OSS) and Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) scheme makes EU VAT compliance easier than ever before.

Experience the convenience of the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) for all your EU sales reports and VAT needs.

The One-Stop-Shop, or OSS, involves a single registration, where you will be able to report your distance sales with a single OSS return.  An EU registered company will be required to register for OSS in their home country, however those businesses located outside of the EU will need to nominate a country where they will file their OSS returns and pay their VAT.

The taxable place of supply for EU distance sales of goods will change from the country of departure to the country of delivery. If you are storing goods within a European country, you will still be required to register for VAT and will be required to file a VAT return for all local sales within that country.

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