Amazon update: Netherlands required for Pan-EU FBA   

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Amazon has announced that, for products to be auto-enrolled in Pan-European Fulfilment by Amazon (Pan-EU FBA), sellers will soon be required to have an active offer in the Netherlands.  

This update applies to existing and new Amazon sellers, and will be in addition to existing listing requirements. 

When will this Amazon update happen? 

A date for this change is yet to be confirmed, but at least 30 days’ notice will be given to sellers before the requirement takes effect.  

Let’s break down what this change means for you as an Amazon FBA seller.

What is Pan-European Fulfilment by Amazon (Pan-EU FBA)?  

The Pan-EU FBA programme allows Amazon sellers to store and ship products using Amazon’s European fulfilment centres.  

Sellers looking to expand their business, and reach customers in different countries across the EU, can fulfil orders in different countries more efficiently – and at lower cost –  by storing their products in multiple Amazon fulfilment centres across Europe. 

The Netherlands will soon be a required country for Amazon Pan-EU FBA sellers.

Amazon then automatically distributes the seller’s inventory across the fulfilment centres based on customer demand – reducing the time and fees associated with shipping products to various countries.  

What are the current listing requirements for Pan-EU FBA? 

Currently, Amazon sellers must list Amazon FBA products with the same SKU in all the required Amazon EU stores in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Amazon FBA requirements

To sell using Pan-European FBA, you need to: 

  • choose at least 2 of the above Amazon EU stores to store your goods 
  • check you meet the relevant product compliance requirements 

What does this update mean for Amazon sellers?  

This recent update means that, to sell through the Pan-EU FBA programme, sellers will soon have to list their FBA products on alongside the above-mentioned Amazon EU stores. 

How will Amazon support you in your expansion journey? 

To support sellers, Amazon will be introducing exemptions from Pan-EU FBA listing requirements. This will apply to products with an inactive offer in one or two of the required stores. This is because of: 

  • category-specific requirements (local language requirements) 
  • restricted products 
  • blocked accounts 

These exemptions will apply for the Netherlands once it’s a required store for Pan-EU FBA listings.  

Did you know?

If you’ve enabled Germany as one of your required inventory placement destinations, you’ll pay local fulfilment fees for your orders in the Netherlands, which are on average 43% lower than FBA European Fulfilment Network (EFN) fees.

Learn more about Pan-European FBA

    FAQs about VAT registration in the Netherlands 

    Do I need to register for Value Added Tax (VAT) in the Netherlands if I already have an active offer on  

    Your VAT registration requirements depend on where your business is established and your sales activities.

    Will I need a new VAT number because of this update? 

    You won’t need a new VAT number, because all you need to do is activate the listings for the Netherlands.

    What are the VAT requirements for EU established businesses? 

    If your business is established within the EU, you may be required to account for VAT in the Netherlands under these conditions:

    You’re registered for Union One-Stop Shop (OSS) in your country of establishment

    If this is the case, you’re required to account for VAT on sales delivered to customers in the Netherlands.

    You’re not registered for Union OSS and you:

      • only fulfil from your country of establishment

      • make distance sales below the threshold of €10,000 for sales delivered from your home country on an annual basis within the EU

    Then you can account for VAT on these sales in your country of establishment.

    What if your sales exceed the €10,000 threshold?

    You’re required to account for VAT in the Netherlands through either:

      • a Netherlands VAT registration number

      • by registering for Union OSS

    Find out more about selling into EU member states and register for OSS

    What are the VAT requirements for non-EU established businesses? 

    If you’re established outside of the EU, Amazon will account for VAT on supplies of goods to consumers in the EU.

    There’s no obligation to register for VAT in the Netherlands for Pan-EU FBA sales.


    Unsure of your VAT registration requirements with this upcoming change? 

    We’re here to help. Talk our dedicated team of experts who can help clarify what you need to stay VAT compliant.  

    Staying VAT compliant as an Amazon seller can be a challenge. This Pan-European announcement from Amazon opens more questions for sellers surrounding their VAT requirements, and can cause a real headache.

    With AVASK, you can gain peace of mind while running your business and fulfilling your European expansion goals. If this update affects your Amazon business, get in touch and we’ll help you keep it running.

    Stay VAT compliant with AVASK

    Be ready for changes and challenges with expert advice from AVASK – your global companion for hassle-free VAT management.

    Contact AVASK for VAT compliance guidance

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