Is 2022 the perfect year for you to plan an exit strategy for your business?

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Find out how AVASK can support you to negotiate the best possible deal when exiting your business.

2021 had seen an exponential growth in e-commerce sales.  With the pandemic opening consumers eyes to the ease and simplicity of online shopping, the demographic of online shoppers expanding, and many traditional brick and mortar businesses filing for bankruptcy, the e-commerce world is only expected to continue growing.

Meanwhile, the e-commerce market had a breakout year with firms known as aggregators looking to acquire successful brands on Amazon having attracted more than $13 billion in raised capital.  There are approximately 89 active Amazon aggregators from all over the world, with 45 having announced additional funding rounds.  This makes 2022 a key year for businesses looking to sell.

As a seller, looking to sell your business can appear quite an overwhelming concept.  

AVASK’s assistance in helping you to overcome this overwhelming concept include:

  • Helping you gain a valuation to know what your business is worth.
  • Helping you find a buyer.
  • Being able to perform due diligence on your business’ financials and reviewing the sales contract.
  • Aiding completion of the sale.

2022 represents an opportunity for you a seller to capitalise on the unprecedented interest currently shown in e-commerce businesses.  

Are you ready to plan your exit strategy?

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